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General Questions:
What payment methods do you accept?
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club and Discover cards are accepted. No C.O.D. orders are accepted.

Do I have to pay sales tax?
No you do not. Only residents of New York have to pay sales tax and for tobacco, an 18% tobacco tax is added if your a New York resident.

What about Backorders?
If we make an error and do not have the item in stock, we will contact you. Be sure to give us your day time phone number and e-mail address in the appropriate places in order to contact you as soon as possible and avoid any delays in your shipment.

How are products shipped?
We ship with UPS (www.ups.com) for all packages shipped with in the US including Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Alaska. We do not ship to any PO BOX. You choose the service option based on when you need your order.

Where do you ship to?
We ship orders in the United States. We also Ship to Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico

What are your Return Policies?
All our merchandise is carefully checked before shipment. If you are not satisfied with the product, you must contact us within three (3) days to receive a return authorization. The return authorization number must be clearly marked on the package being returned to us. Items returned without a valid Return Authorization Number are subject to a 20% restocking fee, or can be refused.

Where you located?
Barclay Rex is located in New York City, New York. We have 3 Convenient locations around Manhattan.

Cigars Questions:
What is a "Premium" cigar?
"Premium" (when applied to cigars) indicates that it is not a machine made. They are hand made.

What do the two numbers mean when applied to cigar sizes?
They are the length and diameter (ring gauge) of a cigar. The length is measured in inches. The diameter is measured in units of 1/64th's of an inch.

Why are cigars most cigars have names like Robusto, Churchill, Corona, etc...?
Cigars come in basic shapes. These shapes are given names. Here are some basic names and there meanings:
* Robusto: Short and Thick.
* Lonsdale: Thin and Long.
* Corona: Medium length and medium gauge
* Churchill: Long and thick.
* Toro: in between robusto and churchill.
* Panatela: A skinny lonsdale.
* Rothchild: In between a robusto and a corona.
* Presidente: Either a little larger or smaller than a churchill.

How do you know where the cigar is from?
A cigar's country of origin is where it was rolled, regardless of where the wrapper, binder, or filler is from. The filler tobacco is usually grown in the same country as where the cigar is made. Sometimes this is not always true. Cigars rolled in the US, (in most cases, Miami or Tampa area) must import all of their filler. Another exception is Honduran and Nicaraguan cigars, as their native grown fillers are often too harsh to be used exclusively, and are typically blended with Dominican filler in order to produce an acceptable smoke.

How much of the cigar end should I clip?
Be sure you have a good quality cutter with a very sharp blade(s). You'll only need to cut off about 1/16" to 1/8" of an inch. The idea is to try and keep the cap intact. If you cut most or all of the cap, as you smoke the cigar the head becomes wetter, it will open wider and the cap will probably peel off. Some smokers don't mind if this happens, but others do.

Where can I learn more about cigars?
We recommend Cigar Aficionado Magazine (www.cigaraficionado.com) to get a more in depth look into the cigar culture.

Humidor Questions:
When I put cigars in my humidor, should I leave the wrapper on or should I take it off?
Some experts say leave the cellophane wrapper on because it protects the cigar from bumps and bruises. Others say that removing the cellophane allows the tobacco to age more readily.If you keep the same type of cigar in your humidor you might want to unwrap the cigar and let the cigar aroma "marry" each other. If you don't, you may want to keep them wrapped because you you don't want a one cigar type aroma to mix with another type of cigar aroma. When traveling or using a cigar case, you should leave the wrapper on for better protection.

What is better a digital or gauge type hygrometer?
Personally we think the digital hygrometers are much more reliable. *Be certain to replace the batteries every few months.

What is the right temperature and humidity for my humidor?
Anywhere from 68° to 72° is good for both the temperature and humidity. *Be sure to use distilled water only.

Are the different types of cigar fluids really necessary/do they work?
If you keep an eye on your hygrometer regularly and fill your humidification unit as needed, you should be OK using just distilled water. It won’t hurt to use them every 2-3 months to rejuvenate the sponge in the humidification unit.

If you have any questions please call us at: 888-378-6222 or e-mail us: orders@barclayrex.com

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